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The scenic wonder of Idaho portrayed in professional landscape images.

Idaho Landscape Photography Workshops and Tours

About Photography Workshops and Tours


All workshops and/or tours are fitting for any skill level or camera equipment and most fitness levels.  While we do photograph all day long, there is little actual hiking involved and it is usually optional.

The destination workshops usually include breaks in the afternoon of the middle days.

Beyond landscape composition, most instruction is geared towards the use of a DSLR or mirror-less camera.

Overall class size has been reduced to be able to offer better individualized instruction.

Idaho Scenic Images is insured and carries the permits required for its workshops.

2021 Idaho Workshop & Tour Schedule

Workshops and tours are suspended for 2021. Check back in late fall for the 2022 schedule.

Individualized One on One Mentoring

Want to work on your landscape compositions, expand your creative vision, understand your camera settings, practice creating velvety water images....all with the complete attention and help of a professional landscape photographer? Maybe one on one, in the field mentoring is for you.

2 hour blocks start at $150.00.

Send me an email to discuss.

Private Landscape Photography Workshops

Just you and your friends. From just a few hours of fun to  destination packages.
One flat fee for 3 or more participants. Let's discuss your needs and I'll handle all the details. My landscape photography expertise always included. Send me a message or give me a call at (208)667-3325.


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