Idaho Scenic Images

The scenic wonder of Idaho portrayed in professional landscape images.


Why I Use Watermarks

I understand the inconvenience of viewing images through a watermark.

It has become a challenge to find a happy medium between image protection and viewing aesthetics.

I have an obligation to protect my images, both to myself and the agencies that represent my work. Beside the seemingly paranoid protection issues, watermarking can actually direct potential customers to me when they find an image floating around the web.

 Unfortunately many individuals don't understand copyright. Applying a watermark is sending a clear message that the image is under copyright protection and permission and/or fees are required for use. When you view images in my archive, they will have my standard watermark, designed by me but applied by my archiving company. 

When you view my art images on various sites they will have some type of watermark, usually not as obtrusive, applied by the company.  Be assured...  watermarks will never appear on your prints or purchased image files.

So for now...I apologize for the inconvenience, but hope you understand.