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Barns of Idaho -Sentinels of Yesteryear

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A beautiful, full color, coffee table book preserving the barns of Idaho in images by Idaho's own photographers.


Barns are a representation of the American dream. A symbol of the hard working, salt of the earth folks who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Farmers and ranchers who are up before the rooster crows and working long after sundown; whose livelihood depends on the land and the weather.

Barns are a distinguishing part of rural Idaho. From the early settlers who braved the wilds of the west– to modern day pioneers who still work the land. Barns chronicle important stories of yesteryear, dotting the landscape with grayed wood and missing shingles. Withstanding the storms of life, these buildings have stood as sentinels through time and now serve as windows to the past. And if the walls could speak, they would tell a tale of grit and determination, hopes and dreams, sweat and tears, creativity and accomplishment. Holding memories of tradition, new life, hard work and laughter.

Sadly though, one by one, these historic barns are vanishing, succumbing to age and elements. On the outside, one may see a framework of rotted wood, broken stone and rusted metal, a mere remnant of previous glory days. While we can’t stop the hands of time from claiming them, we can help preserve their legacy. This book serves as a tribute to these esteemed structures, capturing their memory through image and word.
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