Idaho Scenic Images

The scenic wonder of Idaho portrayed in professional landscape images.

Creative Vision

Finding Your Creative Vision

March 6th - April 9th, 2018               Session 2                         $79.00

A 6 week lesson plan presented online via a private Facebook group, that will guide you to seeing more creatively.

Each week you will be presented with a fun, new,
but challenging photo assignment
that will enable you to see the world in a new and unique way.
At the end of the week you will upload a small series of images to the group page for input and instructor critique.

This online session will run from Mar 6th- April 9th.


Assignments will be given on Tuesdays and images will be due
by Monday nights.

Tuesdays will be reserved for critiquing.

You are free to ask the instructor questions at anytime, and encouraged to participate in instructor led discussions. 

From cell phones to professional level DSLRs,
all camera types are welcome for this class!

English speaking participants from around the world are welcome.
Class size limited to 15. Minimum of 6.



Non refundable after Feb. 15th. Fully refunded if class is cancelled.


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