Idaho Scenic Images

The scenic wonder of Idaho portrayed in professional landscape images.


About Copyrights

First of all, yes, all images and other created content on this site are copyrighted to me, Linda Lantzy. When I place them on other sites, the same copyright laws still apply.

What does that mean?   Basically this...I created it, therefore it remains under my ownership and can not, or should not be used without my consent. There is a huge misconception by the general public, that if it can be found on the web it is free to use.

This belief creates quite the dilemma for photographers who need to get their images seen, but also strive to maintain their livelihoods as professional photographers. Some of us choose to watermark our work as a basic precaution to theft, but even downloading watermarked images for use, is a violation of copyright.

Please understand, as a professional photographer, I have invested much in creating these images. Not just time, but study, field work, resources, equipment, emotion and a bit of my soul. I love my work, but I am also trying to profit from it. While I am glad to show you my work, I respectfully ask that you don't take it from me. Showing is not giving.....not for your desktop, cell phone, blog, or any other purpose.

I'd like to think that most people who take images from the web do so, not because they wish to break the law, but because they do not understand the law.  You may read more on this topic from the US Copyright Office below. 

Copyright Basics

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